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14k gold-filled Ring Resizing Guards - $CAD Orders

*NEW Jumbo Mixed Pack Special!

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gold ring guard small canada

Small Ring Guards
Small/ Ladies Size
Gold Filled Type
mens ring sizer canada

Medium Ring Guards
Medium/ Men Size
Gold Filled Type

large size ring guards canada
Large Ring Guards
Large/ Wide Size
Gold Filled Type
class ring ring sizers canada
Jumbo Ring Guards
Jumbo/Class Ring Size
Gold Filled Type

mixed sizes of ring sizers canada
Mixed Ring Guards
Mixed Pack Gold Type:
Now buy a MIXED size pack! Not sure about the size? Now you can order a mix of 1 Small, 1 Medium and 1 Large Ring Guard(Jumbo not included). For $12.75!

bracelet clasp aid canada
Bracelet Clasp Helper
magnetic clasps canada
Magnetic Clasps
Gold Type

safety chains canada
Double Clasp Safety Chain
Gold Type
clasp safety chain canada
Clasp/Jump Ring Safety Chain
Gold Type

jump ring safety chain canada
Double Jump Ring Safety Chain
Gold Type
hook safety chain canada
Hook/Jump Ring Safety Chain
Gold Type

bra clip canada
Bra Clips
Limited Stock $6.99
bra extenders canada
Invisible Bra Straps
Limited Stock! $6.99