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Ring Size Adjusting - Step by Step

Tip: Try using a non serrated half round plier~

Ring Size adjuster Step 1Ring Sizer Step 2
Step 1.

Place the ring guard with arms curved upward as shown.

Step 2.

Place the ring shank inside the curved arm of the ring guard.

Ring Sizer Step 3Ring Sizer Step 4
Step 3.

Push down on ring guard so it takes the shape of the shank.

Step 4.

Be sure the shank rests at the back of the guard's arm (inside curve) for best fit.

Ring adjust Sizer Step 5Ring resizer Step 6
Step 5.

With pliers, in a circular motion, tighten the ring guard arm to your ring's shank.

Step 6.

....until the ring guards arm has gone around the inside of the ring shank and clamp down to tighten.

Ring loose Step 7adjuster Sizer Step 8
Step 7.

Repeat for second arm.

Step 8.

Once the ring guard is in place you may adjust the 'size" of the ring. Just push up (or down) on the middle band of the ring guard.