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What size Ring Guard / Ring Sizer should I buy?

Some rings are heavier or have more girth to the band then the typical ring - be sure to make adjustments for this. The Size of the ring guard depends on the ring band (not ring size). The "arms" of the guard (size adjuster) must wrap to the inside of the ring.

The guide below is to assist with typical ring bands. If in doubt - we have a mix pack available.

Ring Guards are available in white or yellow 14 KT gold filled.

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How does a ring sizer tighten the fit of your ring?

ring too big

Once your ring guard is on, and you have pushed up on the guard's band, your ring is sized! You can now wear your cherished ring in confidence. As time passes, the ring guard's band may need to be pushed up to keep a tight fit.

If you find the arms of the band slipping be sure to tighten them by clamping down on the arms with your pliers (or tweezers) to keep it firmly in place.

As you can see in the image above my ring was sized a full 2 sizes. The ability to re-size, by pushing up on the ring guard's band, is what makes our ring guard product so useful to those on a weight loss program.

Many things effect your ring size.

Many people notice a change in their ring size, sometimes even in the same day, and wonder why. There are many reasons for this to happen. Sometimes it's a nice thing, you think it may be an unexpected (but welcomed) weight loss. It could also be due to the amount of activity/exercise you had that day. But, more often, it's a change in the temperature.

In the heat your body retains water - helps keep you hydrated. Rings tend to feel tighter. People feel safer wearing them to the beach, or out doing activities during the day. However at night, when it cools down (or they enter the A/C) they may notice their rings once again feel loose.

In the cold your body does not retain the water. Blasts of colder, dryer air, winter sun exposure and over-heated homes and offices (or tons of sweaters) suck the moisture from your skin, in effect, dehydrating you (and your ring finger). Some people suggest trying on rings over time to determine your true size. I guess if a ring is on lay-away it's possible (or engagement ring hunting). If you're like me, you very likely buy most rings on impulse - because you liked it :)

Renew, Refresh, Reuse...

jumbo ring sizers

and Recycle! Go through your jewelry box and take out all those old rings you don't wear anymore, or rings you found in garage and estate sales.

Group them together - see how they look. Maybe you've just created a new unique chunky ring to show off!

I found 3 similar inexpensive silver rings in my jewelry box and thought they looked nice together so I connected them all together using our Jumbo sized Ring Guard.

Swollen knuckles keeping you from wearing a ring?

AND, you may only need a ring sized to get over your knuckles, then it may be too large and roll or spin on your finger. Not even a jeweler can help! If your ring needs sizing to a smaller size, even AFTER passing over your knuckles, there is a perfect solution available to you.

A ring wrap (also known as a ring guard or ring size adjuster) allows rings that need to be larger, to pass over the knuckles, fit snug on your finger.

Ring Guard Tip

ring size tip

When you first get your ring guard you may think it looks dainty. Do not worry, it was made to bend! One of the reasons the product is gold filled (g/f) is to add strength and pliability so it can be molded to the shape of your ring's band.

When you apply the guard, mold it to the shape of your ring by pinching it as shown in the image.

This simple tip will make the arms much easier to wrap around your ring.

For Hard to Size Rings

If your ring has engraving on the inside or is made of tough metals, such as tungsten rings, it makes resizing your ring difficult. Our Ring resizers are a perfect solution!