What is “gold filled” and why are ring sizers made of it?

I get a lot of questions asking what gold-filled means – Let me start by explaining how it is different from “gold PLATED”. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold […]

Ring Guard Sizing

Some rings are heavier or have more girth to the band then the typical ring – be sure to make adjustments for this (more on ring guard sizes). The Size of the ring guard depends […]

Did you say Carrots or KARATS?

Over the years a number of my friends have been adamant about “never” taking off their wedding rings. Feeling naked without them or – dare I say it – unfaithful.  The internet is full of […]

Jewelry that changes with your mood – 15% off!

  Finally! I discovered jewelry and accessories that change with your mood (or outfit) as easy as snapping your fingers. You can’t get any easier than that! All you do is choose your base jewelry […]

15% coupon – In Honor of Mother’s Day…

Unconditional love is very rare, so to mothers everywhere – here is 15% off to show how much we care. From now until May 13th receive 15% off your order by ordering your ring size […]

Spring sale! It’s time to get ready for the warm weather…

Yes! Spring has sprung and I am ready! After a long dark winter it’s good to know the warm weather is on its way. And not a minute too soon (if you ask me). In […]

Show your romantic side this St Paddy’s Day!

Did you know Ireland has more poets and romantics per square mile that any other nation on earth! This St. Patrick’s Day impress your  “lass”  with your romantic side. Here’s a little help with the […]

March Madness Coupon time!

It’s March! Spring is around the corner, finally! The thought of spring puts us in such a good mood we decided to launch our very own March Madness coupon. All march when you shop on […]

Jumbo Size Ring Guard – 2 pack

The Jumbo Sized Ring Guard is ideal for a ring with a very thick band, such as a class ring. The arms are about 18 mm’s long which would fit a ring band of about 9-10mm thickness.

Medium Size Ring Guard – 6 pack

The Medium Sized Ring Guard pack is ideal for a typical mens ring. The arms are about 8mm’s long which would fit a ring band of about 4-5mm thickness.