Did you say Carrots or KARATS?

ring-on-carrot-586x293Over the years a number of my friends have been adamant about “never” taking off their wedding rings.

Feeling naked without them or – dare I say it – unfaithful.  The internet is full of stories of people who felt the same way….and then lost their rings!

zanahoria-y-anillo-large-msg-118864182904Remember to take care this spring! With planting and composting going on, you don’t want to wait years to find a ring you lost in the dirt.

You also may not be as lucky as THIS COUPLE who found their ring on a carrot growing in her garden 16 YEARS after thinking it was lost forever.

I don’t typically like carrots myself but if I pulled one of these out of the garden I’d be happy to give carrots a second chance 😀

If you do wear your rings while gardening be sure it has a ring guard size adjuster on it – It’s better to be safe then…well…hoping to get a side of karat with your meal.

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