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Viewithere.com has been providing customers with excellent service since 1999.  It’s easy to provide great customer service when you are a small family business. We understand that our customer is our best form of advertisement.

It’s easy to tell friends to “View it Here”!

Our goal is to leave our customers so satisfied they recommend us to all their family and friends. Even customers who decide to return our item find it easy to do.  It comes with our “money back if not satisfied” policy. If you are not happy, simply return the item for a product refund.

Our Story

In October 1999 I lost my engagement ring. If it has ever happened to you, no more needs to be said.  I spent the day in a panic. Luckily my husband-to-be found it on the driveway! It must have slid off my finger when I brushed my hair out of my face to unlock the car earlier that day. I took it straight to the jewelry store to be sized. What I did not know was what they did to it. They heat up the ring, cut out gold (which they keep) and they charge you for it!

Too bad it was still too large! I knew I did not want to re-size it with the jewelry store again so I went in search for an alternative. I found metal wraps, although inexpensive, caught on my hair and clothes. Due to the metal wraps “claw” design they also tend to scratch you.  I knew we could find a better solution for my engagement ring.ring wrap

Our 14K gold-filled ring guards/ring wraps are The Best Alternative to temporarily resizing your ring.

When we finally found our  14K gold-filled ring guard we knew others would love it too!  We used our experience helping companies with marketing products and services via the internet and started own online business in 1999 selling Ring Guards , (also available on ring-size-adjuster.com).

Free time is spent walking our 3 dachshund dogs. You can find me on twitter at @viewithere or at facebook.com/viewithere

Over 13 Years have passed and “View It Here” continues to provide people “ring peace of mind” – Thanks to our customers!

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