15% coupon – In Honor of Mother’s Day…

mother's day saleUnconditional love is very rare, so to mothers everywhere – here is 15% off to show how much we care.

From now until May 13th receive 15% off your order by ordering your ring size adjuster, clasp fastener, or clasp aides from our mobile page and using the coupon code luvmom upon checking out.


Ring Size Adjusters:  starting at $5

make ring smaller
Make a ring size smaller

Ring Sizers (also known as ring guards) come in 4 different sizes. From small women rings to large costume jewelry there is a size to fit your ring. If your mother is like mine, she has a hard time passing her ring over her knuckle only to have it spin loose on her finger.  Having it sized at a jewelry store isn’t an option for this problem! Never mind being worried about sending your cherished ring off to some unknown location for sizing (we have all heard the horror stories about switched diamonds or getting the wrong ring back). Ring guards are perfect for this problem. Once on your ring, it allows the ring to pass over your knuckle, and then have the ring size “made smaller” by pushing up on the ring sizer band.


Clasp Fasteners: $9.99

holds clasp open easily

End the frustrating, time-consuming bother of clasping a bracelet with a little help from the Bracelet Helper. It gives you a helpful “extra hand” that can hold the clasp open making putting on bracelets and necklaces easier on your own. Perfect for home or travel. First you “clamp” open the clasp with the strong hold alligator clasp, then you position your bracelet or necklace on yourself and easily slip the jump ring into the clasp – with ONE hand!


Magnetic Clasps: $6.50

magnetic-clasp-silverEasily used by people who have difficulty opening and closing conventional clasps. Attaches easily to any bracelet/ necklace clasp with extra strong magnets. Our strong hold magnets give you peace of mind when using on your cherished jewelry. Great for necklaces with heavy beads or pendants.




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