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  1. Hello, I received my order yesterday and today I am wearing rings that I haven’t worn in years. I had been looking for these type of ring guards but was unable to locate them until I found your company on the internet. They are exactly what I wanted and work great. Thanks for making a gal happy!!!!

    1. Hello Beverly, I’m glad you found us on the internet! Thank you for the comment, I’m glad they were the solution you were looking for. Have a great weekend.

  2. I received my wring wrap multi pack today. It does exactly what your website says! Thanks a TON. My husband and I are on a weight loss journey after Gastric Bypass and while I am happy to loose 65 lbs so far, my wedding band and engagement band were so loose it slipped off in my living room while picking up my kids toys. The guards came in today, Valentines Day and I’m so happy that they fit the way they did on my wedding day (even better I think, because the stone doesn’t spin around like they did then! Fat knuckles and skinny finger base, I guess!). It did take me a little while to figure out how to put 2 rings together on the guard, because the video you have is grainy and blurry. The only suggestion I’d have for your company is to make a new HD video. 🙂 I’ll be passing along how much I love your product for sure!

    1. Hi Crystal, Thanks very much for the comment! I’m glad they arrived safe and you were able to get them on. We’ll have to look into doing an HD video thanks for the suggestion!

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