Jewelry that changes with your mood – 15% off!


Finally! I discovered jewelry and accessories that change with your mood (or outfit) as easy as snapping your fingers. You can’t get any easier than that! All you do is choose your base jewelry (whether it is a ring, a bracelet, ear rings or one of their many accessories) and then you have a whole bunch of different types and sizes of jewelry “snaps” to choose from.  Each snap a unique and beautiful design, one for any type of outfit (or mood) you’re in.



We all know how expensive it can get to buy jewelry sets to match outfits. AND you can end up with a jewelry box littered with tangled unworn jewelry. With the base jewelry and accessories starting at as little as $3 and interchangeable snaps for as little as $2, you can just about own a jewelry store in one little box! Without going broke! That has to be my favorite part – and they have such a variety to choose from (adding new products all the time) I could spend a better part of a day checking them out.  😀

If you find it hard to purchase the right ring size, or if your knuckles swell and you’re afraid the snap jewelry ring won’t fit properly once it passes over your knuckle then don’t forget you can always use a ring size adjuster available right on our site!

Best of all!

The best part is we can make it even easier by offering our customers a coupon to’s product line.  Just head over to their interchangeable jewelry website and use the promo code “SNAP” upon checkout and get 15% off your order price.

Voila!  Making life easier in a “SNAP” I can’t wait until I get mine 🙂

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