Mini Mulan aka Mimi from Minnipeg

Born Feb 2nd/02 in Winnipeg Canada

Mini is the princess of the weiner dogs! She came to us from a friend in Winnipeg who has two doxies that had puppies. Mini is a true Mini dachshund! She is ALWAYS under a blanket curled up. If she's not, she's laying on the window ledge sun tanning her trim belly.

She has an extra long nose which has earned her many nick names but she uses her long nose to get into things easily. She loves to snuggle and is always happy to see us. Mini has always been such a trim pup, she is turning 7 this year and like all of us who get older....her middle is starting to bulge a bit shhhhhhh It's rude to remark on it! She was never "fixed" or "neutered" and still goes into heat about once a year. Her vet wants her to get fixed so she does not develop a common "womanly" illness of the womb. I struggle with what is best for her.

Piquero aka Mini's Big Brother

Born Feb 2nd/02 in Winnipeg Canada

Picky was born in Winnipeg and flew with his sister Mini to meet his new family in Toronto. The two little ones shared an Air Canada doggie shipping crate, very cozy! He spent his first two years in Toronto, but then he decided to strike out on his own, so he has now moved to Argentina where he makes a good living chasing chickens and ducks and eating parilla. He loves Argentina and now barks in fluent Spanish--however, he was once bitten by a scorpion there, so he is cautious about the wildlife. "Picky" is a nickname, his legal name is "Piquero" which means "rascal" in Spanish.


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