I was born to love a dashchund

From the time I could barely crawl there has been a faithful weiner dog at my side. Doxie dogs are a special breed and do have certain personality quirks!

» Doxie dogs seem to have a bad habit of eating any underwear left on the floor
» Weiners have a remarkable ability to find and tip over any garbage can left unattended (and eat the evidence).
» Dacshunds may appear to be hard to train and stubborn, but would you do a trick for a mere cookie? I think not!
» Deckels are very protective and will warn you of anything moving on your block with loud sharp endless yippy barking!
» These hotdogs love to dig themselves nests in pillows and blankets and can easily be sat on if you're not careful!

Dashchunds were born to love people!

Doxie dogs seem to have been born to love people too! They are very faithful pooches and love to do nothing more but curl up next to you under the blanket for a long snuggle.

Dashchunds only ask for one thing from us...love! They do want food too but they know if we really love them, we'll make sure they are eating the right things. A large majority of doxie dog's problems come from those of us who show our love with table scraps. It's a hard lesson to learn...food does not equal love!

In fact too much food is very harmful to these long backed pups. They were bred to have a longer spine (to fit down holes and pulled out by their tails) and extra weight can and will cause extra problems. One of my Doxie dogs
Max had the misfortune to develop back problems...not once...not twice...but THREE separate times! It's a hard (and very expensive) lesson to learn. Keep your hotdog dogs trim and fit!

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