The USPS really does Care!

Returned items lost forever

We received a return today – or I think it’s a return but it’s a bit hard to tell.

It came in a nice plastic bag from the Postmaster (USPS) with “WE CARE” written in bold explaining that they sincerely regret the damage to my mail during handling and asking that I accept their apologies.

I’m glad they did not just throw it out or our customer may have wondered why they never received their money back as stated in our guarantee! Although the item was missing (I can only assume that it got stuck in the mailing machines) rest assured we found enough hints to be able to track who the return was coming from!

If you need to return an item it may be wise to tape it to the return info with a bit of protection (maybe a piece of cardboard) because I would hate for anyone’s return to go missing.

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