Ring Sizers used throughout history

Many of you may have heard about Kelly Clarkson purchasing Jane Austen’s ring in a recent auction. There is a lot of talk about how the ring should not leave Britain, in fact an anonymous donor gave £100000 to keep Jane Austen’s ring in Britain and the Museum is rallying fellow Brit’s to donate to purchase it back from Ms. Clarkson. They have until September to raise the money and they just may do it! You can read more on USA today. 

I’m not sure how the item was auctioned off to begin with, and it seems once it is sold – it’s SOLD. I would assume the Museum knew of the auction before hand and could have stopped it then.

What I find the most interesting is that the ring had a ring sizer on it!

Yes! Ring sizers have been used throughout history and has not lowered the value of such a historical item. Nor did it damage the ring over time. That Jane Austen was one smart lady, and never lost her ring due to it being too loose on her finger. Kudos to you Jane Austen!

Ring Sizer
Jane Austen Ring
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