Do you feel naked without…

MVC-020SSummer is here with a bang! Its hot, hot hot. Most people will be escaping to the beaches to enjoy the water. Suntan lotion and water makes for slippery hands! It’s always recommended NOT to wear your favorite rings to the beach, but if you’re like some people – you’d feel naked without.

If you do happen to lose your ring at the beach, there is help! (That means there is a lot of people who would feel naked without their rings on – since there is actually a whole network of people available to help you find it). Check out

OR you can put a ring guard sizer on your ring – make sure your ring fits snug at the beach this year. It’s a whole lot less expensive then a metal detector!

Just in time for the summer – all US bound orders over $12 (before shipping) will come with FREE tracking available with

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