Swollen knuckles keeping you from wearing a ring?

Most jewelers are more than happy to adjust a ring two sizes in either direction.

  • Ring sizing does not weaken a ring however repeated sizing will make the ring thinner. Hard gold soldering takes tremendous heat and the chemicals and procedures to return the polished finish are harsh.

AND, you may only need a ring sized to get over your knuckles, then it may be too large and “roll” or “spin” on your finger. Not even a jeweler can help!

If your ring needs sizing to a smaller size, even AFTER passing over your knuckles, there is a perfect solution available to you.

ring guard ring wrapA ring wrap (also known as a ring guard) allows rings that need to be larger, to pass over the knuckles, fit snug on your finger.

ring guard Ring wraps are perfect solutions for occasional swelling when constantly sizing a ring can damage your ring (and be expensive).

ring guard When rings have engravings or inscriptions you don’t want to lose – a ring wrap can allow you to still enjoy wearing it.

If your ring needs sizing to a larger size, there is little you can do but go to a jeweler and have it done professionally. Of course you can wear the ring on a different finger, but that isn’t always desirable (especially if it should be on the engagement finger).

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