Poll after poll has shown that Canadian Catholics have more or less the same attitudes towards abortion as Canadians in general. About 10% of us think that it is never right and should be completely prohibited. And about 30% of us believe that it should be available at any time, for any reason. The rest of us, feel that the decision whether or not to have an abortion should be left up to the individual woman, her partner and family, and in consultation with her doctor.

Although we are not comfortable with the issue of abortion and wish it was not necessary, we accept that sometimes it will be necessary and so abortion services should be safe, legal, and accessible.

(Gallup Report, 1993 Angus Reid Report, 1992)

Clearly, significant members of self-described Catholics reject many aspects of church doctrine, as polls have shown and as we Canadian Catholics know full well.

At CFC-Canada we support a person's right to dissent from the institutional Church teaching, yet still to remain a Catholic. The teaching of the institutional Church should assist us to inform our consciences, not dictate our moral decisions.

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