Dachshunds and the problems with cataracts & glaucoma!

Dachshunds are not prone to eye problems but because of diabetes, injury or age they can occur. My dachshund was diagnosed with cataracts at about the age of 8. He was under going ongoing treatment for cushings and we found we were having a difficult time managing his levels. He was still thirsty and peeing a lot.

Although he was losing that "pot bellied" look and becoming trim, it wasn't until the formation of clouds in his eyes that he was diagnosed with diabetes. Having cushings made diabetes more difficult to detect.

Below, you can find some images on the progression of eye disease in our miniature dachshund. Due to our dachshunds other health concerns our vet recommended we not put him through further operations unless it affected his ability to enjoy life. Even though our dachshund eventually went completely blind he never changed his behavior and was active and happy until the end!

» The image to the left is of my dachshund Max before he developed diabetes. His eyes are dark and clear of any of the tell tale "milky white clouds".

In this image my doxie dog is about 7. This is after his
dachshund back problems. Although he has not yet developed diabetes he has started his cushings treatments.

» Cataracts seemed to have formed over night! Our dachshund had just spent the last year dealing with 3 back operations, cushings treatment, and now with the quick formation of cataracts he was also diagnosed with diabetes. This also explains the hard time we were having maintain his cortisone levels.

Although we feel he was totally blind, his quality of life never decreased. A dachshund is a hound after all - led by their noses!

» By the age of 12 you can see that our dachshund's eyes went from being cloudy but bright - to squinty and swollen. Previously with cataracts the eye tests did not show a change of pressure but now the pressure of the cataracts are visible. Now our dachshund was diagnosed with glaucoma.

Due to the medication given, our poor doxie just couldn't handle it. With his liver being effected by the
cushings treatments he got violently ill and was not with us much longer. It still breaks my heart.

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