Dachshunds and the problems with their backs!

This is a serious concern for all weiner dog owners. The doxie dog was bred to have a long back; it was thought that a long backed hound with short legs could slip into holes and retrieve hunting game. We all know how good our weiner dogs noses are, they could find a badger in a hole miles away (if they are like my dogs with a tennis ball).

This breeding has made dachshunds prone to serious back problems. dachshund back problems occur when a disc slips out of place, or the substance holding the discs in place exerts pressure on the spinal cord.

What Happens?

» Your doxie is having problems holding their bladder, or getting to the door fast enough to go out.
» Your weiner dog may begin to pant, or walk in circles. As if they can't seem to get comfortable.
» Your doxie dog may start to "drag" a back leg, or seem unable to wag their tail.
» They may cry out, start to shake or express some kind of discomfort such as whining.
» Your dachshund may not want food or water (and we all know doxies love their food!)
» You may also notice your dachshund all of a sudden drop its back end as if paralyzed.
» A disk may also slip in your dog's neck. You may notice they can no longer lift their head, or cry out when they try.
» You may notice your dachshund "arching" his back or walking "funny" as if on his tip toes.

doxie stairs dashchund

Protect your doxie's Back with pet stairs!

Dashchunds are jumpers! Especially if jumping up on the couch gets them closer to their loved ones. Treat your Doxie like royalty and save their backs at the same time. If your doxie is like mine, then pet stairs also offer a great view out the front window! Pet stairs makes protecting your doxie dogs back easy.

I can't stress enough how serious this problem is!!
Your doxie can end up paralyzed if help isn't given right away. My Maxie had a back problem and it really is a stressful time.

If the problem is caught soon enough medication and "crating" may be a viable option for you
. They typically give a prednisone shot and you must keep your pet in a crate to restrict movement until the disk swelling goes down and hopefully your doxie will regain his/her strength and not require an operation. Even if this IS an option for you - YOU MUST follow up with the treatment!

»Limit the activity

»keep your doxie from going up and down stairs

»restrict your doxie from jumping up on furniture and people's laps

»Get you weiner dogs WEIGHT down! This is most often the cause although inter-breeding may also have an effect.

What if my dachshund needs an operation?

The first thing I want to say is that back problems are not the end of the world for a doxie dog! Even if you do not have the money for an operation and your dachshund does end up paralyzed for life - it does not mean it can't be a good life!! I have seen many weiner dog wheel chair devises on the market and have seen them in use by happy dogs. Please do not consider putting your dog to sleep - if you do not think you can provide a good life to a un-perfect dog please consider dachshund rescue.

Now the cost..I paid $3,500.00 cad yes that is right thirty-five-hundred dollars (per operation - yes it can happen again) canadian. That is just for the operation not to mention the medications after the hospital stay, rechecks, revisits...

Your pet will go to a specialist and have an operation along with a 3 day minimal stay. When you see your pet again for the first time it can be quite the shock. They shave the full back and typically make a cut about 6 inches long beside the backbone. They also use staples to seal the scar which can look caked in blood. Your doxie may look pitiful, sad, panting, shaking, and disturbed but trust me, they are on their way back to a normal life.

My black and tan dachshund Max had 3 operations. The lower back, the upper spine and the last one on his neck. He had all the problems within 1 year when he turned 7. This problem is said to occur between ages 2-7

After his operations Maxie went on to continue living a happy full life until we lost him when he was 13yrs old.

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