Your Dachshund was diagnosed with Canine Cushings

When my Max started to develop a "bit of a belly" at first I just thought my Doxie dog (like any dachshund) loved his food just a little TOO much. I decided it was time for diet and exercise. Everyone commented on his "porkiness", told me I was "feeding" him too much (even after his diet started) and warned me of the importance of a trim doxie.

I started to notice other things which made me wonder what was going on.

» During our walks, I noticed our dachshund was walking a lot slower then he use to (I thought- well he is getting older).
» Our doxie dog also started to pant after walking short distances, I found myself wondering how he got into such bad shape!
» Right when we got home from walks (or even a short drive in the car) he would run straight to his water bowl and drink like he hadn't seen water in days - to the point where I started bring water and a bowl out with us (Doxie water travel bowls - under $5).
Of course this led to him peeing all the time (he did not develop diabetes until a few years later).
» It was when my weiner dog started loosing his fur on his tail that I figured something other then diet and exercise was needed and headed off to the vets.

After a battery of
blood and ATCH tests my vet told me that My doxie had cushings...(pause). Phew it's not really something you want to hear but the internet has a lot of information (and support groups- discussion boards). With diet, exercise and medication (along with regular tests) our mini doxie enjoyed another 5 years of happiness.

At the time there wasn't a lot other then the medication
Lysodren (mitotane) which is basically a poison that eats the gland to keep the cortisone levels lower. Our dachshund was a mini so the medication was impacted into a liquid (he needed less then a 1/4 of a pill per dose). He never minded taking it and he did start to get back to his regular self - no longer panting or drinking excessively. His belly started to look trim again and he chased around his other doxie friend, played catch and seemed years younger!

However cushings is one of those diseases that is just a step to other problems. Diabetes, liver swelling, eye and ear problems to name a few. It was a few years later our doxie developed diabetes. Saying this, he had a wonderful 12 years, never minded his medications (
never complained) and I was committed to him. If you do not feel you can commit, think about adoption as an option. A doxie never has to be put to sleep just because your vet says he has cushings.

I have also kept an eye on discussion boards and have seen promising new alternatives. I do believe diet has an effect as well. There are less harmful medications and a longer life span is obtainable.
It's worth it for a weiner dog!

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